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Statement by UGTT Secretary-General

Published the:  15/01/2011

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Mr. Abdessalem Jerad, Secretary-General of the Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT) said the exceptional situation lived by Tunisia requires stepping up consultations and meetings on ways to overcome this situation and find radical solutions to meet the popular demands which were embraced by parties and the civil society.
After his meeting with Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi, as part of consultations which started, on Saturday, on the current situation in the country as well as the next political reforms, Mr. Jerad said meetings with parties and components of the civil society allowed to reassert the keenness to address several issues on the future of political life in Tunisia.
He said he had addressed with the prime minister issues related to the general security situation and the life of Tunisian citizens, particularly in these exceptional circumstances which were accompanied by acts of vandalism and destruction against public institutions which, he said, are among the gains of the Tunisian people that need to be preserved.
The Government's consultations with parties and the civil society, he specified, helped examine issues related to forming a provisional coalition government gathering all active forces and paving the way for forming political parties and freedom of organization as well as the promotion of the press.
"Democratic reform should be real and well anchored in the country," he underlined.
The Tunisian General Labor Union, as glorious national organization, seeks to defend the interest of the homeland, give to the Tunisian people, freedom, rights, dignity and all their sovereignty and guarantee fair distribution of the fruit of development.
Mr. Abdessalem Jerad reasserted the need so that this exceptional stage in the history of the country be crucial and beneficial to the Tunisian people and allow to meet their demands for freedom, democracy, political reform and a free and pluralistic press.
During these consultations, he noted, efforts will be focused on continuing contacts, particularly to speed up the implementation of the committee of inquiry tasked with examining the problem of corruption and errors committed by some officials and the committee of inquiry into acts committed during these incidents.
He stressed, in this regard, the keenness to guarantee the autonomy of these two committees and ensure that they include in their composition skills capable of expressing the goals and ambitious of the Tunisian people.
The first demand of UGTT, he pointed out, is establishing stability, security and tranquility, underlining that "it is necessary to restore to the people what they had made sacrifices for, to achieve emancipation and dignity."
In conclusion, Mr. Jerad announced that the Tunisian General Labor Union decided to form trade union and workers committees to protect businesses and defend the people's gains.