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Statement by Chairman of the Bar Abderrazak Kilani

Published the:  15/01/2011

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Mr. Abderrazak Kilani, Chairman of the Bar of Tunisia said his meeting with Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi focused on dangers facing Tunisia and acts of destruction and violence committed in the country.
He added that he had presented to the prime minister a set of proposals formulated by members of the Bar and all lawyers who are fully ready to help ensure a return to normalcy and restore safety and serenity among citizens.
The Chairman of the Bar who was accompanied by several members of the Bar underlined that he had recalled the successive calls launched by lawyers in the past two decades to initiate fundamental reforms in the areas of public freedoms, human rights and reform of justice.
"We had presented to the prime minister, he added, some suggestions on the formation of a national unity government, recommending that the government covers the various political sensitivities without exclusion and hold consultations with all sensitivities. We also insisted on the need to issue a general amnesty, since the country needs now national unity, which can not be established without the reconciliation of all Tunisians, the return of expatriates exiled from the country and rehabilitate those who were imprisoned and were the target of theft, injustice and oppression".
The Chairman of the Bar underlined that this meeting provided the opportunity to stress the need to repair the damage, without settling of scores or resorting to private revenge like what happened in South Africa and Morocco, underlining that he noted a great listening capacity with the prime minister.
He said the construction of the future depends on a rigorous reform of the judiciary, all the more so that judicial independent is the major guarantee of individual rights and serenity.
Mr. Kilani said he expressed, alongside members of the Bar his total confidence in the person of Mr. Mohamed Ghannouchi, an honest national figure, known for his integrity and competence, concurrently to the confidence and consideration he enjoys among the political public opinion at national and international levels.