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Cabinet meeting of NUG

Published the:  20/01/2011

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Minister of Education Taieb Baccouche announced that the Cabinet meeting decided a set of important decisions including declaring a three-day national mourning in memory of martyrs of the painful events that recently occurred in Tunisia and this starting from Friday, January 21.
Speaking on Thursday to national and international media after the first meeting of the National Unity Government (NUG), Mr. Baccouche highlighted the scope of the address by interim President Foued Mebazaa who, he said, made it a point to reassert the interim nature of the Government and define its mission involving particularly striving to resume activities of all utilities in the country and preparing the next presidential election.
The agenda of the meeting, he noted, was set at the beginning of the Cabinet meeting which, after a rich and constructive debate, resulted in a set of decisions.
They are particularly:
  • Endorsement of bill submitted by the Justice Minister on general amnesty. The meeting recommended, in this regard, to submit this bill to the legislative branch for consideration.
  • Speeding up the establishment of the three national commissions decided, including the higher commission on political reform, the fact-finding commission on exceedances committed during the past period and the fact-finding commission on affairs of embezzlement and corruption.
Mr. Taieb Baccouche said, in this context, that consultations on the completion of the composition of these commissions will start from tomorrow Friday.
  • After listening to presentations by the Minister of Education and the Minister of Higher Education, the Cabinet meeting decided to entrust these two ministers with implementing the decision related to the resumption of courses at schools and universities scheduled for next week, while ensuring that school time matches the administrative schedule.
  • As part of decisions relating to the separation between the State and the Constitutional Democratic Rally (RCD), the meeting recommended taking all needed practical measures to return to the State the movable and immovable property of different structures of the party.
In this context, Mr. Taieb Baccouche reminded of the resignation, on Wednesday, of Messrs. Foued Mebazaa, the interim President and Mohamed Ghannouchi, Prime Minister, from their positions of responsibility within the RCD, saying that this decision was taken on Thursday by the Government members from that party.
  • The meeting recommended taking needed measures to ensure respect for the inviolability of academic institutions by removing the university police.