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Foreign Minister receives European countries’ ambassadors in Tunisia

Published the:  25/01/2011

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TAP - Janary 25, 2011 - When receiving on Tuesday Janary 25, 2011 the European countries’ ambassadors accredited in Tunisia, with attendance of the two State Secretaries to Foreign Affairs Ahmed Ounaies and Radhouane Nouisser, Foreign Minister Kamel Morjane stated that the Tunisian Revolution is the people’s revolution without political leadership and that the National Unity Government is the best way to ensure transition, compliance with the Constitution and avoid political vacuum, the main goal being to lead the country to free, democratic and transparent elections.
He pointed out that the State’s departments are functioning normally and presence of personalities belonging to the Opposition and civil society in the government is more than anything else part of the constructive spirit of political debates which found expression notably in the first Cabinet meeting during which important decisions had been made. He added that this participation in the interim government would consolidate confidence in the country’s future.
The minister expressed Tunisia’s call for friendly countries to support the democratic transition and support the economic activity. For his part, the head of the European Commission delegation congratulated the Tunisian people for their Revolution, reasserting the EU’s support to Tunisia’s democratic process and underlining the role that the Tunisia-EU partnership could play in this approach.
Additionally, the European diplomats voiced their countries’ readiness to bring a substantial and swift assistance, as soon as possible, to the interim government. Besides, the Foreign Minister received a telephone call from his British counterpart, Mr. William Hague. On this occasion, the British official expressed Great Britain’s support to the interim government in its efforts to restore Tunisia’s stability, in an atmosphere of freedom and democracy.