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New Government’s make-up to be announced tomorrow, Wednesday January 26, 2011

Published the:  25/01/2011

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TAP -  January 25, 2011  -  Mr. Taieb Baccouche, spokesman for the National Unity Government (NUG) said, on Tuesday January 25, 2011 evening, to Tunis-Afrique-Presse (TAP) news agency that the make-up of the new Government is to be announced tomorrow, Wednesday. The Government spokesman specified that consultations continued, on Tuesday evening, to fill in the vacancies within the interim Government and to bring the necessary changes.
He added that a movement in the Governors corps, and in some embassies, will also be announced tomorrow.
Besides, the Government spokesman said that, as part of the decisions taken by the first NUG Cabinet meeting on compensations to be offered to families of martyrs of the People’s Revolution, the injured and victims of the recent events, among the small craftsmen and tradesmen, as well as within the framework of follow-up of the mechanisms examined Monday during the inner Cabinet meeting, it has been decided to put into effect the decisions taken through the following measures:
  • Handing of a direct advance, tomorrow Wednesday, January 26, 2011, to the martyrs’ families, the injured and victims of the recent events,
  • Granting a monthly 150-dinar allowance to the jobless higher-education graduates, while also ensuring their social security cover and preferential transport fares, in return for a part-time voluntary public work,
  • Doubling funds earmarked for the regional working sites, 
  •  Dissolving the regional development councils and substituting in their place representations that include, in addition to the local administration, representatives from civil society, under the chairmanship of the region’s governor, in accordance with the provisions of the law organising the regional councils.