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New line-up of National Unity Government

Published the:  27/01/2011

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Here follows the new line- up of the National Unity Government (NUG) announced, on Thursday January 27, 2011 evening, by Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi:
  • Mr. Mohamed Ghannouchi: Prime Minister
  • Mr. Abdelkarim Zebidi: Minister of National Defence
  • Mr. Ahmed Ouneies: Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Mr. Farhat Rajhi: Minister of the Interior
  • Mr. Lazhar Karoui Chebbi: Minister of Justice
  • Mr. Laroussi Mizouri: Minister of Religious Affairs
  • Mr. Ahmed Nejib Chebbi: Minister of Regional and Local Development
  • Mr. Taieb Baccouche: Minister of Education
  • Mr. Ahmed Brahim: Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
  • Mrs. Habiba Zéhi: Minister of Public Health
  • Mr. Mehdi Houas: Minister of Trade and Tourism - Mr. Mohamed Naceur: Minister of Social Affairs
  • Mr. Mokhtar Jalleli: Minister of Agriculture and Environment
  • Mr. Mohamed Nouri Jouini: Minister of Planning and International Co-operation
  • Mr. Mohamed Afif Chelbi: Minister of Industry and Technology
  • Mr. Jelloul Ayed: Minister of Finance
  • Mr. Ezzedine Bach Chaouech: Minister of Culture
  • Mrs. Lilia Laabidi: Minister of Women Affairs
  • Mr. Yacine Ibrahim: Minister of Transport and Equipment
  • Mr. Said Aydi: Minister of Vocational Training and Employment
  • Mr. Mohamed Aloulou: Minister of Youth and Sports
  • Mr. Elyes Jouini: Minister to the Prime Minister in charge of Economic and Social Reforms and Co-ordination with Concerned Ministries.