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HPRC’s keenness to lend receptive ear to all social components

Published the:  28/01/2011

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Mr. Yadh Ben Achour, president of Higher Political Reform Commission (HPRC) announced, in a communiqué issued on Friday January 28, 2011, that after consultation with the different parties and listening to several personalities, he managed to fix a list of experts for the HPRC.
He added, in the communiqué, that all Commission members are aware of the crucial social character of the present juncture and peculiarity of this stage. In this connection, he said, they voiced awareness of the importance of their responsibility to the motherland and draw on the values of freedom, democracy, pluralism, equality and aspiration to a developed political life, based on the people’s freedom of choice, alternation to power and restoration of transparent institutions, in the service of the public interest.
He placed emphasis on the Commission’s awareness of the need to lend a listening ear to opinions of all components of the political and civil society and some national figures, on the organization of political life in new Tunisia and their stands about the great constitutional and legal issues.
Taking into consideration all these data, Mr. Iyadh Ben Achour announced the decision to start holding of a dialogue and consultation forum with all political sensitivities, components of civil society and national figures, every Friday and Saturday as of February 4, 2011.
On the basis of this national consultation, opinions and choices expressed, the Commission is to prepare for the needed draft legal texts before presenting them anew to these components for advice, so as to agree on their final phrasing. Besides, the communiqué announces the line-up of the HPRC.