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Immediate social and financial measures in favor of security forces

Published the:  01/02/2011

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February. 1, 2011  - TAP - Immediate social and financial measures have been decided for the benefit of the interior security forces, following negotiations held to this end by their representatives, TAP news agency learnt from an informed source in the Interior Ministry.
These measures are:
  • Restore rights of dismissed officers and re-incorporate them in their former posts,
  • Meet as of February 1, 2011, the security officers' claims, given their difficult financial situation and their work,
  • Allow the interior security forces to form an independent union to defend their rights and represent them to the ministry,
  • Review the interior security forces' status as other active services.
The Interior Ministry calls all security officers to immediately resume service in order to discharge their national duty, protect the citizens' security and preserve the national gains.
Besides, the National Army and all other active services, such as prison guards and customs officers, will also benefit of measures of social nature as of February 1, 2011.