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EU Council takes restrictive measures against those who embezzled public funds

Published the:  02/02/2011

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February 2, 2011 – TAP - The European Union Council has adopted "targeted restrictive measures" against people who have embezzled public funds, in consultation with Tunisian authorities.
These measures have been adopted at the 3065th meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council held last Monday in Brussels, according to a press release sent to TAP news agency on Wednesday.
The EU Council expressed "readiness to mobilize all its instruments to better back up the political, economic and social reforms in Tunisia, to reinforce its democratic institutions and further support the country's civil society."
Regarding the European neighborliness policy, the EU is planning to update its strategy and its assistance to Tunisia, and "conclude with the Government that will emerge from the next democratic elections, negotiations over advanced status", the press release says.
The Council "reaffirms total solidarity and support to Tunisia and the Tunisians in their efforts to establish stable democracy", stressing that partnership between Tunisia and the EU" is expected to be reinforced in order to back up democracy, as well as economic and social reforms".