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EU freezes assets of 46 relatives of deposed President

Published the:  04/02/2011

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February 4, 2011  - TAP  - The European Union (EU) decided, on Friday, to freeze the assets of 46 relatives of ousted President Ben Ali and his wife Leila Trabelsi, French AFP news agency reported, quoting a diplomatic source.
The European governments « adopted a decision that adds 46 names to the European assets-freezing list of people, » which has so far included the deposed president and his wife, a European diplomat said, specifying that «they are mainly members of the two families»,  the Ben Alis and Trabelsis.
The decision was adopted on the sidelines of a meeting of European heads of state and government. The European foreign ministers had decided, last Monday, to freeze the assets of former Tunisian president and his wife as they are subjected to an investigation by Tunisian authorities for «the embezzlement, opening of banking accounts and holding of financial assets in several countries as part of money laundering ». The list in question was established on the Tunisian government’s request.