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Mr. Foued Mebazaa addresses Tunisian people

Published the:  09/02/2011

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February 9, 2011 TAP - Interim President Foued Mebazaa expressed, in an address delivered on Wednesday evening to the Tunisian people and aired on Tunisian national TV, his pride at the Tunisian Revolution, the "revolution of dignity and freedom", emphasizing that its results have become tangible in the political field, towards materializing the ambitions of the people, which requires from all to defend and support this revolution, in spite of the critical stage the country is living through.
Mr. Foued Mebazaa stressed the efforts exerted by the Army and National Guard, along with the citizens, in establishing security and stability, saying that despite the improvements noted, there are still some areas which are suffering some hardships, which requires the combined efforts of all as part of patriotism to restore stability and ensure security of the citizens and their property.
He pointed out that the "social movements" in different sectors, accompanied at the same time by a set of demands to improve situations, are "plausible facts," insofar as "they are the logical culmination of a 23-year legacy".
He called upon citizens to show understanding and patience in the face of the situation experienced by the country and not to stop working, while continuing to demand reforms in a civil, rational and organized way to preserve their rights and safeguard companies.
The Interim President added that citizens have demonstrated their sense of responsibility and a high level of civism, underlining those social negotiations will be the appropriate framework for consultation on ways to improve the conditions of all categories in different sectors.
Mr. Foued Mebazaa emphasized his commitment to achieve the sought-after political transition to democracy, as soon as possible and under optimum conditions" as a token of fidelity to the martyrs, and in accordance with the people's will, while seeking to ensure the participation of all parties in preparing the planned reforms.
It is in this line, he said, that falls the formation of the provisional government which benefits from a wide support and is forging ahead steadily despite difficulties it is confronted with.
He said that the three national committees endeavour, in turn, to ensure and broaden the participation of all sensitivities that reflect the people's will.
The adoption of the law entitling the Interim President to issue decree-laws under Article 28 of the Constitution, he said, will help, during the caretaker presidency, approve a set of important initiatives.
It is aimed, he specified, to meet the will of people without resorting to the legislative procedures in force, particularly those related to general amnesty, youth employment and measures designed to prepare the political platform allowing to advance on the way of materializing the people's ambitions.
Mr. Foued Mebazaa underlined that this empowerment is a major responsibility which "he will strive to preserve," saying that each decree-law will be adopted after consultation and in accordance with the people's will.
The interim government will endeavour to honor its commitments.
He reasserted the pledge to achieve the objectives of the Revolution, and particularly the hopes of youth who have "always been on the lead", as reflected in history, from the movement of the Tunisian youth at the beginning of the last century.