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Sidi Thabet police station attacked: clarifications of Interior Ministry

Published the:  09/02/2011

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February 9, 2011 - TAP - The Ministry of the Interior released a communiqué to provide clarifications on the incident that occurred on Wednesday, following the attack on a police station of Sidi Thabet.
The Interior Ministry said a group of 100 people "invaded, on Wednesday, without any reason, the police station of Sidi Thabet." The same source adds that, after this attack, a police officer was injured and the police station and documents related to citizens' affairs were destroyed, in addition to the destruction of another police officer's personal car.
The Army and police intervened to disperse the attackers and arrested two persons who will appear before court.
Worth noting that this police station was being refitted after having been burnt in the recent events.
The Interior Ministry calls "to prevent this kind of criminal acts which by no means contribute to restore security", reminding that "all acts damaging police stations will under no circumstances be tolerated".