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France to take part in International Conference on Political and Economic Reforms in Tunisia

Published the:  11/02/2011

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February 11, 2011 - TAP - France announced, on Friday, its participation in the international conference on support to political and economic reforms in Tunisia, to be held in Carthage at the initiative of the interim government.
According to a communiqué made public by the French Prime ministry and retaken by Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP) news agency, the French government wishes that the European Union grants to Tunisia the advanced status and reasserted its "determination" to wind up talks on this issue "in the shortest term."
Following the telephone talk he had, on Friday morning, with Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi, French Prime Minister François Fillon entrusted France's Economy Minister Christine Lagarde with the task of visiting Tunisia "very shortly" to bring France's contribution to preparations for the International Conference of Carthage which he termed as an "excellent" initiative of the interim government. "France will naturally take an active part in it," he specified.
The French Economy Minister is also expected to look at means to reinforce economic partnership between Tunisia and France.
According to another communiqué from the French Economy, Finance and Industry Ministry, Mr. Elyes Jouini, Tunisia's Minister in charge of Economic and Social Reforms met, on Thursday evening, the French Economy Minister.
On the occasion, Mrs. Lagarde emphasised "the importance to deepen economic partnership between our countries."

It is worth reminding that France is Tunisia's first trade partner, the first investor, with some 1,250 enterprises offering 110,000 jobs, and the country's first backer.