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Interview of Prime Minister to the three Tunisian TV channels

Published the:  17/02/2011

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February 18, 2011 - TAP - Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi announced that the general amnesty will be decreed this weekend so that all those who have been tried under the former regime might recover their political and civic rights and be reinstated in the society.
The Prime Minister also declared, in an interview he gave on Thursday to the three Tunisian TV channels (National TV, Hannibal TV and Nessma TV), that a Foreign Minister will be appointed on Friday after the resignation of the former FM.
Besides, he said that one of the major missions devolving upon the Interim Government consisted in organizing free, transparent and credible elections monitored by international observers, insisting on the need to amend laws in accordance with the requirements of democracy, which will be the responsibility of the higher political reform commission that has already started works.
He went on saying that it would be proper to secure a climate propitious to the achievement of complementarity between the political, economic and social fields so that the people might have a say, far from any pressure, and that the new President of the Republic might be elected.
The Prime Minister also declared that the Interim Government, which is working according to the budget allocated for the current year, will see to the sustainability of financial balances so that the next Government might be provided with solid bases to fulfil its missions and meet the expectations of the Tunisian people, open up wider prospects for higher education graduates, reduce disparities among regions through a boost to regional development and offer all the attributes of decent life as a token of loyalty to all those who sacrificed their lives for the Revolution if dignity.
He outpointed that the Government efforts will focus on governorates whose development level is below others' such as Sidi Bouzid, Kasserine, Gafsa and Le Kef. Speaking of the International Conference on Political and Economic Reforms scheduled for the end of next March, he said it will be named Conference of Carthage since the first Constitution in the world had been promulgated in Carthage. He announced the expected attendance of leaders of countries that believe in democracy, fundamental liberties, freedom of women and in all the values on which the people's revolution was based.
On the other hand, the Prime Minister stressed the need for the media, as fourth power and in light of the separation of powers, to be free and independent so as to express the concerns of citizens and reflect the drive all political tendencies are living through, saying "the media scene is now under no supervision", pending the setting up of a regulation authority for the audio-visual sector as is the case in the advanced countries.
Besides, the Prime Minister said that over 10 000 jobs had been lost after some firms were set on fire and others closed, outlining that the wage increase claimed recently is the subject of negotiations with the Labour Union UGTT Executive Committee and that the revolution is not that of wage of increase but rather of dignity and liberty.