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Caretaker President signs general amnesty decree-law

Published the:  19/02/2011

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February 19, 2011 - TAP - Caretaker President Foued Mebazaa signed, on Saturday afternoon, the decree-law on general amnesty.
This piece of legislation stipulates that all persons tried or persecuted before January 14, 2011, by various-degree courts and for different crimes, could benefit of this amnesty.
Secretary of state to the Prime Minister Ridha Belhaj pointed out that these crimes concern the interior state security whose files had been submitted to justice by virtue of the law on terrorism, the press code, law on demonstrations, the telecommunications code or other provisions of the Civil Procedure Code and other codes, notably that of military procedure.
He added that this decree-law also provides that all person persecuted for common law crimes, in view of their political or union activities, could benefit of this amnesty.
The Secretary of State specified that the decree-law institutes the work reintegration mechanisms and the principle of compensation for persons concerned by the general amnesty.
Besides, he highlighted that the decree-law puts an end to a period of abuse and violations, opens up a new era of reconciliation and provides the objective conditions of this transitional period and preparation for elections under the best conditions possible.