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Paris supports Tunisia's efforts to consecrate pluralism and democracy processes

Published the:  22/02/2011

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February  22, 2011 - TAP - Education Minister and Caretaker Government spokesman Taieb Baccouche conferred, on Monday February  21, 2011in Tunis, with Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoë.
The talk turned on prospects for boosting Tunisian-French co-operation after the January 14 Revolution, which has helped Tunisian people recover their right to exercise their sovereignty and self-determination in a climate of democracy, freedom and dignity.
Paris Mayor voiced his personal admiration and French people's for the Revolution that helped the Tunisian people peacefully step into a new stage of edification and progress.
He expressed France's support, in general, and the city of Paris's in particular, to Tunisia's efforts to consecrate the process of pluralism and democracy and consolidate development across the whole country, specifying that the French-Tunisian co-operation relations are grounded in respect and equality.
For his part, Mr. Baccouche laid emphasis on the Caretaker Government's determination to achieve the goals of the Revolution for freedom and dignity, aimed to definitely break off with the past and its negative aspects and provide the appropriate conditions for the Tunisian people to freely choose their representatives, in compliance with international standards.