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UNHCR deploys staff at Ras Jedir border-crossing

Published the:  24/02/2011

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February  24, 2011 - TAP - The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has deployed its staff at the Ras Jedir cross-border point, between Tunisia and Libya, where they have been working with the Tunisian Red Crescent and Tunisian authorities, according to the UN organization.
In a communiqué made public on Thursday February  24, 2011 , UNHCR specifies that "at the Tunisian government's request," teams have been mobilized "to closely supervise the situation and identify the vulnerable persons who are in need of immediate assistance, such as non-accompanied children, women with children or the elderly", adding that another UNHCR team were dispatched there.
According to the UNHCR staff, a regular flow of persons have been arriving since yesterday to Ras Jedir, adding that the majority of the new comers are Tunisians who used to work in Libya.
Others are Libyan, Turkish, Moroccan, Middle-Eastern and West-African nationals.
At present, people fleeing Libya are housed in local refuges or by local families.
In case the number of new comers rises, the communiqué specifies, the UNHCR has been endeavouring, jointly with the Tunisian authorities, to equip a temporary camp.
Moreover, a freight plane chartered by HCR transporting tents and emergency equipments to assist up to 10,000 people that are expected to arrive to Tunisia this weekend.
In the communiqué, the UNHCR pays tribute to Tunisia and Egypt for their having kept their borders open to people escaping violence in Libya.