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El Habib ferry sails back from Benghazi

Published the:  26/02/2011

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February. 26, 2011 - TAP - El Habib car ferry left Benghazi, on Saturday at 04:00 pm, with 1,450 Tunisian nationals on board.
Mr. Hedi Elloumi, officer in charge of communication at the Tunisian Shipping Company (CTN), said the ship is expected to reach Sfax port on Sunday, between 05:00 pm and 06:00 pm, given the bad weather conditions.
Mr. Elloumi said repatriation took place under normal conditions, stressing the support of Libyan citizens' committees in easing passengers' boarding of El Habib.
Tunisia's Benghazi consulate contributed to setting the list of Tunisian nationals wishing to leave.
The source noted that the "ship evacuated all Tunisians who came to the port and registered to leave Libya," knowing that the maximum capacity of the ship is 1,400 passengers.
Mr. Elloumi reminded that the car ferry had left Tunisia to Benghazi on Thursday at 06:00 pm. It had been loaded with medical aid collected by benevolent doctors to be delivered to Libyans in Benghazi.
El Habib car ferry is to dock at the port of Sfax, given the city's geographical closeness with Libya and in order to spare citizens native of Tunisia's south the trouble of crossing to Goulette port.
The same source said "CTN is ready to operate other voyages to Libyan ports, in case of need".