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Three dead in Tunis city centre clashes (Interior Minisry)

Published the:  26/02/2011

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February  26, 2011 – TAP - Three people died and 9 were injured and admitted to hospital, on Saturday, after clashes that erupted in the Tunis city centre, said a communiqué from the Interior Ministry.
Several home security officers also suffered injuries, of different degrees, underlines the ministry.
The communiqué also indicated that over one hundred persons were arrested. They are accused of "acts of destruction and burning" perpetrated on Saturday at the city centre. The ministry said 88 persons had been arrested on Friday afternoon.
The Interior Ministry added, in its communiqué, that several persons among the "trouble makers" infiltrated peaceful demonstrators using youth as human shields "to commit acts of disturbance, burning and violence" by making use of sticks and stones.
The communiqué adds that some people even exploded a domestic gas cylinder in front of a building located at Habib Bourguiba Avenue to sow terror among citizens and targeting home security officers and national army units who were attempting to prevent them from continuing their acts of looting and destruction of public and private property.
The ministry said demonstrators were not protesting peacefully.
It reminds of the state of emergency which was extended from February 15, calling upon citizens to be vigilant, collaborate with the security authorities and guide their children to preserve them from any danger.