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Tunisia takes part in Human Rights Council's session 16

Published the:  02/03/2011

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March 2, 2011 -TAP - Secretary of state to Foreign Affairs Radhouane Nouicer led a Tunisian high-level delegation to works of the 16th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council held, on February 28-March 25 in Geneva.
In his address to the session, Mr. Nouicer expressed Tunisia's recognition and consideration to all sisterly and friendly countries and all international organizations for their support to the Tunisian Revolution and to the Tunisian people's efforts to achieve the longed-for democratic transition and re-vitalize the country's economy.
He announced the organization, by the end of the current month, of an international conference to present the new situation in Tunisia, introduce the Interim Government's action programs at this transitional stage and identify the country's needs to ensure success of this stage at political, economic and social planes.
On the sidelines of the session, Mr. Nouicer met with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Norwegian and Austrian Foreign Ministers, the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the President of the Human Rights Council.
Mrs. Hillary Clinton asserted, on the occasion, her country's readiness to support the democratic process in Tunisia and encourage American investors to launch large-scale projects in the country in order to generate employment opportunities for the Tunisian youth.
She also commended Tunisia's efforts to provide assistance to the refugees fleeing.