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Over two thousand robbers and fugitive prisoners arrested

Published the:  05/03/2011

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March 5, 2011 - TAP - The home security forces and the National Army have stepped up effort in the recent period in different regions of the country to protect public and private property and arrest delinquents, fugitive prisoners and robbers who had terrorized citizens.
Security patrols and search campaigns are staged to restore security and stability.
A communiqué released by the Interior Ministry said since February 1, national security forces, backed up by the national army, have arrested 276 fugitive prisoners who were returned to prison services.
Other peoples were arrested, particularly 670 wanted individuals, 700 others who had committed acts of theft, looting and destruction as well as 260 delinquents who had terrorised citizens and 70 others who set fires and damaged property.
The security forces also arrested 200 persons for committing assaults and 165 others for carrying weapons and committing acts of looting and theft.
They were kept in custody pending their prosecution.
The communiqué said that during the current week,
Units of the National Guard have arrested two persons in possession of firearms they had stolen from the Kasserine National Guard District, during the last events.
Efforts are stepped up to find other suspects and stolen weapons.
As part of coastal surveillance of the country, the same source said the Marine Guard units, backed up by National Army units, boarded a fishing boat off the coast of Sfax. The boat was carrying 89 persons who wanted to cross the border illegally.