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Foreign Minister receives IPU Secretary General

Published the:  07/03/2011

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March. 7, 2011 TAP - Foreign Minister Mouldi Kéfi received here on Monday morning visiting Inter-Parliamentary Union Secretary General Anders Johnsson.
The talks turned notably on ways and means for the Union to support Tunisia in its current democratic transition to build up the rule of law.
Anders Johnsson expressed the union support to and congratulations on Tunisia's successful revolution that resulted from a huge people's aspiration for democracy, freedom and justice.
At the end of the meeting, he told TAP news agency that it had allowed to discuss means likely "to support Tunisia in the political transition underway ", adding that the assistance will focus on two things: advice in matters of drafting the election law and monitoring of elections on the one hand and functioning of the constituent assembly that will be tasked with writing a new Constitution on the other hand.
"We have participated in numerous similar processes throughout the world and we are ready to share the experiences and know-how that can be useful for Tunisia as part of actual assistance ", he pointed out.
The Inter-Parliamentary Union gathers delegates of parliaments from all over the world and makes their expertise in matters of elections, constituent assemblies and running of parliaments available to Tunisia, he added.