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French ship "Mistral" loaded with humanitarian aid arrives in Zarzis port

Published the:  07/03/2011

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March 7, 2011 - TAP - French military ship "Mistral" loaded with 50 tones of humanitarian aid for the benefit of Ras Jedir refugees, docked, on Monday morning, at Zarzis commercial port.
The aid provided by the French Government in partnership with humanitarian organizations consist in blankets, tents, medicines, foodstuff and water tanks.
Lieutenant Thierry Delorme, "Mistral" official spokesman said the ship was sent by France in response to the Egyptian authorities' call for the repatriation of its nationals from the Ras Jedir border area, in co-ordination with the Tunisian authorities.
The "Mistral" was scheduled to leave the port of Zarzis on Monday evening, with 900 Egyptian refugees on board, but after the evacuation by air of many of the refugees, it was decided that the ship would await the arrival of other Egyptian refugees at the Tunisian-Libyan border to ensure their repatriation, in co-ordination with the Egyptian authorities.
In addition, to a hospital with a capacity of 69 beds and two surgical service, the amphibious ship can carry 16 helicopters and a large number of trucks and tanks.
Mistral, whose crew consists of 700 servicemen, is the second largest ship in France after Charles De Gaulle's.