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Democratic Constitutional Rally dissolved

Published the:  09/03/2011

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March. 9, 2011 - TAP - The Democratic Constitutional Rally Party RCD has been officially dissolved after the ruling on Wednesday morning by the court of first instance of Tunis.
"The court of first instance of Tunis ruled that the RCD be disbanded and its funds and property liquidated through the state property department" the ruling says.
The announcement was followed by a burst of jubilation, applause and chants by the crowd gathered at the court and in the neighbouring street, reports a TAP news agency journalist.
Lawyer Faouzi Ben Mrad representing the Interior Ministry which filed the request, said that the dissolution of the RCD had today fulfilled one of the major objectives of the revolution.
He said this is not a final judgment since defendants can appeal against it, adding that however the appeal did not defer the implementation of the decision.

But in the absence of RCD lawyers, no reaction of defendants could be obtained.