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News conference of Head of National Commission tasked with examining corruption

Published the:  09/03/2011

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March 10, 2011 - TAP - Head of the National Commission tasked with examining corruption Abdelfattah Amor gave a news conference here on Wednesday saying that the commission members were carrying on their investigations in the ousted President's Sidi Dhrif palace , and discovered large amounts of money recently, including 27 million US dollars, that is about 40 million Tunisian dinars.
He said that apart from the large amounts of money and jewels, they had recovered credit cards and two bank accounts, one with a Washington bank in US dollars and the second with a Paris bank in euros.
The money put into these two accounts, he added, was transferred from the election campaign funds.
He also announced the discovery of a savings account in the name of Leila Ben Ali and her son with large amounts of money deposited.
Abdelfattah Amor went on saying that the ''Tunisian people was sole owner of Sidi Dhrif palace and will recover it ", adding that other minor amounts of money had been found, namely 30 050 Tunisian dinars and 20 000 euros (about 39 000 Tunisian dinars) and that they had been deposited at the Tunisian public revenue office.
Speaking of the commission works, he said it had so far received 4239 petitions on corruption and looked at 519 cases including in particular those of the ousted president, his wife and their relatives as well as former officials close to them and their friends.
He also affirmed that the commission was working in coordination with Ministries and especially the Prime Ministry, the Ministry of Justice, the Interior Ministry, the Finance Ministry and the Ministry of State Property, as well as several other structures.