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Portuguese State Secretary for Foreign Affairs hails Tunisian peaceful Revolution

Published the:  10/03/2011

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March 10, 2011 -TAP - Portuguese Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Co-operation Joao Gomes Gravinho hailed the Tunisian peaceful Revolution, pointing to its similarity with Portugal's "Carnation Revolution" of 1974.
Mr. Joao Gomes Gravinho, who was received, on Thursday in Tunis, by Foreign Minister Mohamed Mouldi Kéfi and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Radhouane Nouisser, reiterated his country's solidarity with the Tunisian people and their support for the Caretaker Government.
He also expressed Portugal's willingness to help the democratic transition in Tunisia, by offering its know-how and expertise.
Mr. Joao Gomes Gravinho said the Portuguese government is willing to work together with the Caretaker Government, to revive as soon as possible the economic co-operation with Tunisia.
The meeting gave way to a dense and fruitful exchange of views on the prospects of relations between Tunisia and the European Union.
While lauding the Portuguese government's interest, the Foreign Minister and the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs underlined that the Tunisian Revolution showed the Tunisian people's maturity which had been ignored for a long time as a result of the blindness of the old regime.
They said that the Tunisian Revolution was a spontaneous revolution.
"It reflects an enormous popular aspiration for dignity, justice, freedom and democracy," they said.