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AfDB grants Tunisia one-mln-dollar donation

Published the:  14/03/2011

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March. 14, 2011  - TAP  - The African Development Bank (AfDB) granted Tunisia a donation of one million US dollars.
 Planning and International Co-operation Minister Abdelhamid Triki and AfDB Director for North Africa Jakob Kolster signed, on Monday, an agreement on this donation.
This donation is, according to a communiqué received by TAP News Agency, part of AfDB’s contribution to ease the pressure and meet the immediate needs at the Tunisian-Libyan border, particularly in light of the massive flow of refugees from different nationalities.
Kolster expressed “admiration at the solidarity shown by the Tunisian people from different regions and categories as well as the civil society, and for their strong capacity to cope with difficulties”.
Triki praised, in turn, the efforts made by AfDB from the very beginning of Revolution. This reaction, he added, reflects the strong relations between Tunisia and this African credit institution which is the most important financial partner of the country.
He also highlighted the initiative taken by AfDB officials who organised a campaign to donate blood for the benefit of Tunisia’s Red Crescent and collect funds for the Tunisian-Libyan border regions.