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Constitution Party: to abolish the system of prior authorization

Published the:  16/03/2011

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March. 16, 2011 - TAP - Working out two draft laws on political parties and their financing is the priority of the subcommittee on freedoms stemming from the higher authority for the fulfilment of the objectives of the revolution, political reform and democratic transition for the election of a constituent assembly.
Contacted on the phone by TAP news agency, the Head of this subcommittee Slim Loghmani said that the main thing about the law on parties consisted in cancelling the prior permission system and adopting a system of information of the relevant services of the Prime Ministry or a system of registration with a legal authority with the possibility of lodging an appeal against the decision of such an authority.
This draft law, he added, is based on a series of legal principles recognized worldwide that will have to be respected by political parties, especially the principles of non-discrimination, primacy of the law, transparency and separation between parties and state.
As regards the financing of parties, he declared that it can be private or public with a ceiling to be set and the guarantee of checking this financing.
If the financing is a public one, the Government accounting office will be in charge of supervision and if it is private, the monitoring will be secured by chartered accountants, he explained.