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Higher Authority for Realisation of Objectives of the Revolution

Published the:  17/03/2011

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March 17, 2011 –TAP - Interim President Foued Mebazaa said that what was achieved by the Tunisian people on January 14, 2011, has been "a great historic accomplishment." He underlined that the value and lasting quality of what has been achieved as a turning point in the country's history and the whole region depend on the capacity of all to carry out the peaceful democratic transition and establish a model of balanced society that guarantees rights of all, equality between men and women and materialize actual social justice that allows for smooth and peaceful power change.
The Interim President underlined, when opening on Thursday afternoon in Tunis the meeting of the Higher Authority for the Protection of the Revolution, Political Reform and Democratic Transition, that the vanguard mission of Tunisia's elite, today, is considered as crucial and delicate, which requires that the country's higher interest prevails and be immersed in patriotic qualities, in fixing the outlines of the new projects, be it the election system of the National Constituent Assembly, the system of parties and their financing, of the press and information, or any other necessary condition for the achievement of the hoped-for democratic transition under the best conditions.
Besides, he explained that the State which supports the members of the council of the Higher Authority in their "historic" mission sees to the independence of their work, without interfering in their debates; and it will refrain from "directing their works or influencing them."
Mr. Foued Mebazaa also stressed the need for the country's transition legislation, whose drafting was entrusted to this Authority, to "reflect the broadest consensus possible, to combine most of the visions and orientations, and make prevail consensual solutions, so that everybody participates in this important and delicate stage in Tunisia's history."
Additionally, he expressed conviction that all members of the Authority will prove, at this special juncture, their patriotic sense and high responsibility, while "making prevail the higher interest of the Tunisian people," out of fidelity for the Revolution against tyranny, dictatorship and corruption.
In this connection, he voiced wish that members of the Authority be able to find the best choices to make sure that the texts meet the Tunisians' aspirations to a real democratic transition, that this action takes place in a context where the interest of the homeland prevails over all parties and personal considerations and that the solutions and choices be made, as far as possible, as part of concord between them.
In his address, the Interim President commended the work achieved by the Political Reform Commission which started, with all its experts, to fix the outlines of the first possibilities to translate in legislation the democratic transition. He pointed out, in this respect, that the Commission opened "broad prospects and brought denial to allegations made by some on obstruction of the legal horizons and the institutional vacuum confronting the Tunisians".