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Jerzey Buzek: The aid of Europe will meet Tunisia's needs

Published the:  18/03/2011

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March. 18, 2011 - TAP  - European Parliament President Jerzey Buzek said here on Friday that the European Union "is ready to help Tunisia achieve concrete projects".
"The aid of Europe will meet the needs of Tunisia", he indeed declared at the end of his meeting with Foreign Minister Mouldi Kéfi.
The point is, he added, to identify the needs of Tunisia in order to launch ''actual actions '' to create new jobs. The EU Official also said he will have European institutions support the Tunisian Revolution through monitoring the election process started and backing up the country so that it might take up the social and economic challenges it is facing now.
"We do not want to impose anything", he stated, reckoning that the ''success'' of transition to democracy and the important changes that happened will depend upon the role of the civil society in speeding up this process.
"Having a free media, establishing democracy and creating jobs are the sine qua non condition for a successful transition", he advocated.
The FM hailed the support of the European Parliament to the Tunisian revolution, saying notably: "While relying on its own resources and on the strength of its people, Tunisia should also be backed by its partners and especially the EU to have a successful democratic experience".
The EU Official was escorted by a delegation of the European Parliament and the Ambassador, Head of the EU delegation to Tunisia.
The EU is currently allocating to Tunisia between 80 and 90 million Euros (about 156 to 175 MD) per year in non-refundable aid and the European investment bank has granted recently to Tunisia additional loans worth 600 million Euros (1170 MD), thus raising the total amount of loans allocated to Tunisia to 1,87 billion Euros in 2011 (3,649 billion dinars).