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Felipe Gonzalez: I do not believe in transposition of model of democracy

Published the:  19/03/2011

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March. 19, 2011  -TAP - Caretaker Prime Minister Béji Caid Essebsi received, on Saturday March. 19, 2011, Mr. Felipe Gonzalez, former Spanish Prime Minister.
"We are living today through a new wave sparked in Tunisia. In the past, the legitimacy was that of Independence movements, today, we should add the legitimacy of the free will of peoples", said Mr. Gonzalez, one of the major leaders of the democratization movement of Post-Franco Spain.
To succeed the process of democratization each country should have its own experience, said Mr. Gonzalez, adding:
"I do not believe in the transposition of a model of democracy. Each country has its conditions to build a public space of freedom and representativeness".
Priority, he said, is first to "Recover a certain national unity". The point, he underlined, is to not confuse the Tunisian State with the former regime. "The State is the Tunisians themselves. It should be preserved for the future".
Mr. Gonzalez is on a visit to Tunis at the invitation of the International College of Tunis where he lectured on "from Dictatorship to Democracy: the Spanish Model".