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Ban Ki-moon : Positive signs started to emerge at the political level in Tunisia

Published the:  22/03/2011

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March 22, 2011 - TAP - Interim President Foued Mebazaa received, on Tuesday in Carthage, visiting United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
Mr. Foued emphasized the efforts exerted to ensure the best conditions for success of the country's democratic transition process.
He said the significant steps taken in this regard materialize the Tunisian people's expectations and ambitions they had expressed in the January 14 Revolution.
He praised, in this regard, the U.N.'s stand and its solidarity with the Tunisians' demands for their right to freedom and dignity.
He voiced wish that the U.N. will bring necessary support to Tunisia to help it win the political, economic and social stakes of the next stage.
On developments in Libya, Mr. Mebazaa underlined that Tunisia is still siding with the Libyan brotherly people to whom the country is tied with long-standing fraternal bonds.
For his part, Mr. Ban Ki-moon described as "historic" his visit to Tunisia during this period. He expressed consideration and admiration for the Tunisian Revolution which he considers as a "model of democratic change, as it is spontaneous, peaceful and was the product of people's will."
He underlined that the UN is ready to lend support to the democratic transition process and consolidation of Tunisia's efforts to meet its people's expectations for a better future.
He added that positive signs started to emerge at the political level in Tunisia; such indications which he was able to perceive, particularly during his meetings with representatives of political parties and civil society, he said.
The U.N. secretary-general also praised the efforts of the Interim Government and people of Tunisia to assist refugees from Libya, as well as the solidarity shown on this occasion despite the delicate and difficult situation the country is living through.