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J. Ping: Tunisian experience could but inspire the Arab, African countries, and the whole world

Published the:  22/03/2011

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March 22, 2011 TAP- Chairperson of the Commission of the African Union (AU) Jean Ping asserted the AU's commitment to support the Tunisian Interim Government and bring assistance to Tunisia in its peaceful and democratic transition.
Speaking at the meeting he held on Tuesday afternoon with Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Ping voiced confidence in the Tunisian people's ability to take up the challenges it faces at this stage which, he said, is a new starting point to lay down the foundations of a new Tunisian society, one based on the values of democracy and respect for human rights.
The foreign affairs minister reviewed developments of the situation in Tunisia after the January 14 Revolution, pointing to the important measures taken by the interim government to ensure democratic transition in the country and guarantee success of the election of the National Constituent Assembly.
After the meeting, the Chairperson of the African Union Commission praised the Tunisian Revolution and expressed his support to the Tunisian people's aspirations for freedom and democracy.
"It was necessary for us to come here, as soon as possible after the historic change in Tunisia, to pay tribute to the Revolution of the Tunisian people and pay homage to youth who acted in an exemplary and spontaneous manner and without resorting to violence," said Mr. Ping who is paying an official visit to Tunisia.
"The transition authorities shoulder a huge responsibility, and the roadmap they have worked out has so far met the aspirations of the Tunisian people," he said, pointing out that the African Union supports Tunisia's approach.
"Tunisians are well engaged to build the future of their country, and their experience could be but a source of inspiration to the Arab and African countries, and to the world at large," he concluded.