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Act on freezing assets of former dictators and their relatives comes into force in Canada

Published the:  24/03/2011

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March 24, 2011 - TAP - The new law allowing the Canadian authorities to freeze assets of former foreign dictators and members of their families involved in embezzlement, corruption and power abuse has come into force in Canada.
Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon said, on Wednesday, that "the act on freezing the assets of corrupt foreign leaders was approved by the Monarchy and is now part of the Canadian law," according to a communiqué made public, on Thursday, by Canada's embassy in Tunis, a copy of which was sent to TAP news agency.
Mr. Cannon added that the Canadian government "now has the right instrument to combat corruption and inappropriate acquisition of government stocks by repressive foreign leaders".
The Canadian minister specified that the law "allows Canada to intervene at the request of a foreign State to temporarily freeze the assets of former foreign leaders or members of their family deposited in Canada".
It is worth recalling that the Tunisian caretaker government had issued an international arrest warrant against the deposed president's brother-in-law, Belhassen Trabelsi, who had escaped to Canada and has been living there with members of his family.