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Ban ki-moon: UN to send experts to Tunisia to help prepare elections

Published the:  25/03/2011

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March 25, 2011  -  TAP - The United Nations will send shortly to Tunisia a team of experts to help prepare next elections, said on Thursday UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, at the end of a Security Council meeting which he briefed about his recent visit to Tunisia and Egypt.
He stressed that during this visit to Tunisia and Egypt, he had pledged full support of the UN, based on its long experience in matters of assistance to countries living through democratic transition and post-conflict situation.
"The UN must also change in light of new realities, if we are to help people of the region achieve the objectives of this moment" he pointed out, adding that he had gone to the region" to listen in to the new voices that have emerged" and express the UN solidarity "with their path towards full democracy".
Besides, Ban Ki-moon said that he had incited both Egypt and Tunisia as well as Guatemala which he had visited before to ratify the Rome treaty of the International Criminal Court. "All three countries have agreed to take swift measures in this regard" he stressed.
During his visit to Tunisia last March 21-23, Ban Ki-moon had affirmed at a press conference that "the United Nations is committed to support the electoral process in Tunisia, help the country elect a constituent assembly and adopt a new constitution, ahead of the holding of free and fair elections."