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Freedom and economy go hand in hand, says Konrad Adenauer Chairman

Published the:  25/03/2011

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March. 25, 2011 -  TAP - "The Konrad Adenauer foundation is willing to put its experience in the service of public authorities and political forces, particularly for the consecration of the democratic process and the creation of new Tunisian economic bases", said Hans-Gert Pottering, Chairman of Konrad Adenauer Foundation, at the end of a meeting held on Thursday with Caretaker Prime Minister Béji Caid Essebsi.
"We do not want to interfere with Tunisia's internal affairs, but we hope to support the consecration of the constitutional process and Tunisia's economy as freedom and economy go hand in hand," he added, specifying that " it is important for the Tunisian people to take interest in democratic institutions but without neglecting the preservation of jobs and boosting the trade market".
Pottering, former President of European Parliament as well, also expressed admiration for Tunisia's Revolution and his gratitude to Tunisian youth who should be proud to have achieved this peaceful change that paved the way for a new era of freedom, respect for human rights and democracy in Tunisia, whose momentum has spread to other countries in the region.
German ambassador in Tunis Horst-Wolfram Kerll said, in turn, that the 280 German companies which operate in Tunisia and provide about 20,000 jobs, are determined to stay in Tunisia, despite some problems relating, particularly, to workers' demands.