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Resolution on co-operation between Tunisia and High Commissioner for Human Rights

Published the:  25/03/2011

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March 25, 2011 - TAP  - The Council of Human Rights adopted, on Thursday, a resolution on co-operation between Tunisia and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).
The resolution was put forward at the European Union's initiative and sponsored by the African and Arab groups.
Under this resolution, the Council praises, in particular, the process of political transition started in Tunisia and the will of the Interim Government to fully implement such universal values as human dignity, democracy and human rights.
Stressing the climate of peace prevailing in Tunisia, despite swiftness of this transition, the Human Rights Council hails the courage of the Tunisian people and supports strongly the efforts made by the Government to prompt a quick and peaceful political transition and fully achieve human rights.
The Council invites all United Nations agencies, particularly the High Commissioner and member States and bring their support to the process of transition in Tunisia, including garnering resources to face up to economic and social problems faced by Tunisia, in co-ordination with the Tunisian Government.
The Human Rights Council also praises the Tunisian people for solidarity shown for refugees and the assistance brought to them.
The Tunisian delegation hailed this strong political support to Tunisia, adding that the Tunisian people, in a drive of responsibility and maturity, stood up against oppression and injustice to lead a genuine revolutionary movement, driven by young generations allowing it to access to dignity, freedom, democracy and respect for fundamental rights.
The Tunisian delegation also underlined that the first priority on the political agenda, namely the organization of free, democratic and transparent elections, in the presence of international observers and whose first stage will be the election of a Constituent Assembly on July 24, 2011.
It expressed Tunisia's consideration to countries that have shown their solidarity with it along with international organizations that followed with attention the Tunisian Revolution and which pledged to support the democratic transition efforts and cope with the massive flow of refugees at the southern border of the country.