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Higher Authority for Realization of the Revolution Objectives

Published the:  26/03/2011

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March 26, 2011 -TAP - The third meeting of the Higher Authority for Realization of the Revolution Objectives, Political Reform and Democratic Transition, held on Saturday in Tunis, managed to settle disputes over its make-up.
Unlike the previous two sessions, Saturday's meeting was characterized by consensus among the various sides, sources close to the Authority told TAP news agency.
Participants in this meeting started looking at the agenda of the Authority, particularly the draft decree-law on the creation of a higher authority for monitoring of elections and the draft decree-law on Election Act related to the election of the National Constituent Assembly scheduled for July 24, 2011.
To solve disputes regarding particularly "accusations of exclusion," in the make-up of the Authority since its creation, Mr. Yadh Ben Achour, the Authority chairman, announced the decision to "enlarge the composition of this Authority from 71 members presently to 130 members, in such a manner as to strengthen representation of parties, youth, women, regions and national figures."
On this basis, each party will have three representatives with the obligation of the presence of youth and women among these three members.
Consultations are underway to increase the number of parties represented which are now 12 parties, in addition to broadening representation of organizations, particularly the Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT) and the National Bar who is to have four representatives, while 24 delegates are to represent regions.
According to the same sources, there is an intention to remove some contested names of their relationship with the former regime or for having called on the unseated president to run for the 2014 elections.
TAP also learnt that the Authority's council will be effectively operational from the fourth meeting, scheduled for March 29, 2011 at the premises of the House of Advisers in Bardo.