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Tunisia could become strategic destination for American investments

Published the:  28/03/2011

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March. 28, 2011- TAP - Mr. Suresh Kumar, US Assistant Secretary for Trade Promotion and Director General of the US and Foreign Commercial Service said, on Monday, that Tunisia, which is presently living at the pace of democratic transition, "could become a strategic destination for American investments notably destined to the African countries".
The American Official, on a visit in Tunisia heading a delegation of businessmen and representatives of American firms, stressed, during his meeting with Planning and International Co-operation Minister Abdelhamid Triki, that "the January 14 Revolution strengthened Tunisia's image among all American circles".
This visit comes to materialize, according to Mr. Kumar, several American firms' will to be better informed of the climate and investment opportunities in Tunisia.
In turn, Mr. Triki pointed out that the change experienced by Tunisia today is an encouraging signal for foreign investors and businessmen to create projects in a country whose achieved gains are very strong. These latter include at least its location and skilled human resources.
American developers, numbering ten, operating such fields like NICTs, energies, manufactured industries, asked for clarifications, during this talk, on laws ruling investment in Tunisia and on procedures for creation of projects.