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Higher Authority for Achievement of Revolution Objectives looks at electoral system

Published the:  01/04/2011

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April 1, 2011 – TAP  - The Higher Authority for the Achievement of the Revolution Objectives, Political Reform and Democratic Transition carried on, Friday morning in Bardo, examination of the draft decree-law pertaining to the organization of the National Constituent Assembly's election.
During this session devoted to the voting system, most of the attendees placed emphasis on the need to adopt a system of proportional representation by list, "because it encourages political emulation on the basis of social and economic directions and programs, and not of persons, in order to avoid money interference or allegiance to persons."
On candidacies to the National Constituent Assembly, members of the Authority called for a total break-off with the unseated regime, by making sure not to allow participation of former members of the Constitutional Democratic Rally which had held political positions or been members of the "elected" or regional councils.
In another connection, they underscored the need for electoral campaigns to be publicly funded, and not privately, while seeing to it that voting be closely watched, in such a way as to avoid the unhealthy ballot rigging that was a common practice in the past.
Besides, the attendees pointed out that it is impossible to prevent Tunisians from running for the Constituent Assembly without a judicial decision, especially as the Revolution rejects all forms of discrimination and exclusion, and it paves the ground for a new era of concord among Tunisians.