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Gisèle Halimi: It is imperative that the status of Tunisian women be preserved 

Published the:  02/04/2011

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April 2, 2011 - TAP - "It is imperative that the vanguard status of Tunisian women be preserved", stressed, on Saturday in Tunis, Tunisian-born French feminist activist Gisèle Halimi.
"The Personal Status Code guarantees Tunisian women's fully-fledged citizenship status," Mrs. Halimi said, pointing out that the "major concern at present is that this status, which has made of Tunisian women the most emancipated in the Arab world, shouldn't be altered".
Mrs. Gisèle Halimi, who met Interim Prime Minister Béji Caïd Essebsi, said she was moved at revisiting her "country, (her) native land", and at meeting again "an old friend, a modest man and a great patriot who will be the best shield against unrest, extremism and, above all else, against back-sliding".
The French lawyer and politician asserted having "total confidence" in that Tunisia, which has started a "crucial" stage of its history, will be able to "establish real democracy", owing to its interim leadership which, "like Bourguiba, represents the school of enlightenment, of philosophy and respect of others".
Mrs. Halimi is to lecture, on Saturday at El Menzah, as part of the "Citizenship and Solidarity Celebration", and take part in a debate, on Sunday morning, at La Marsa.
"The point is to encourage young women and men of civil society who feel responsible for their country's future to protect the Bourguiba legacy and forge ahead for the sake of consecrating women's freedom and Human Rights", she insisted.