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GTF finances two governance projects in Tunisia

Published the:  05/04/2011

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April 5, 2011 – TAP  - The Governance Trust Fund (GTF), financed by Norway and Switzerland and managed by the African Development Bank (ADB) Partnerships and Cooperation Unit, will finance in 2011 two projects to improve transparency and good governance in Tunisia by means of a global amount worth 584 000 US dollars (about 812 000 Tunisian Dinars).
According to the ADB, the first project provides for the setting up of an African network of procurement markets by means of an investment worth about 244 000 US dollars (about 338 000 TD).
The point is to finance the activities of this network whose aim is to back up public parties and ease the exchange of experiences and good practices at the African level.
The second project, worth about 340.000 US Dollars (about 472 000 MTD), aims to improve the performance of social services and the use of public funds. It is also intended to increase citizens' role in matters of governance at local and national levels and reach a higher level of transparency in the management of public resources.
ADB will support the implementation of these projects in collaboration with the concerned Tunisian authorities, such as the Ministry of Finance.
GTF Oversight Committee met last March 30 in Tunis to discuss the 2011 action plan, during which it will finance 8 programmes for a total amount of 2,5 Million Dollars in seven ADB member countries, including Tunisia.