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Angelina Jolie: We are very grateful to Tunisia

Published the:  06/04/2011

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April 6, 2011 – TAP  – "I am here to thank the people and Government of Tunisia for opening its frontiers to refugees fleeing Libya and show solidarity for all what they have done, at this new time in their history," said American actress Angelina Jolie, Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations' Refugee Agency (UNHCR).
"We are very grateful to Tunisia for the help it provided to the refugees who flocked to Ras Jedir," she affirmed at the end of the meeting she had on Wednesday with Foreign Minister Mouldi Kéfi.
She expressed, in this regard, " wish that the international community carry on support to Tunisia so that it might keep on with its relief efforts."
"The situation is very complex in refugees' camps," she noted, since many of them still have war in their countries and cannot return home like people of Somalia.
"I am very happy to visit this beautiful country and I look forward to coming back very soon with my family", she said.
Mrs. Jolie went Tuesday to the Shusha camp in Ras Jedir where refugees gave her a warm welcome, expressing their admiration for this actress who has participated in numerous humanitarian missions all over the world.