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Italy to grant temporary stay permits to Tunisian immigrants

Published the:  06/04/2011

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April 6, 2011 - TAP - Italy approved of granting temporary residence permits to Tunisian immigrants on its territory since mid-January, by virtue of a preliminary agreement concluded with Tunisia, said on Wednesday Italy's Interior Minister in a communiqué quoted by French AFP news agency.
Italy is also committed to deliver 10 patrol frigates and one hundred jeeps to Tunisia to help it guard its coasts; while Tunisia has pledged itself to prevent departure of potential immigrants and re-admit all immigrants who landed in Italy after signing of the agreement.
"Tunisia is committed to step up oversight of its borders to prevent new departures and accept swift return of people who arrived in Italy after the enforcement of the decree granting temporary residence permit", specifies the same communiqué.
According to the Spokesman for the Italian Interior Ministry, the decree granting stay permit will only be applied to immigrants already present in Italy.
The decree is to be approved of in cabinet meeting, on a date which has not been set yet.
The legal text will grant refugees the right to stay in Italy for a six-month period.
Besides, according to an MP from PDL, Mr. Silvio Berlusconi's party, it should not allow free circulation in the Schengen space.
Italy's Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, who arrived at this compromise during his visit in Tunisia, had said that the agreement "will help us carry out this operation in co-operation with the Tunisian security forces, by providing them with the necessary means".