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Draft Government decree on election of constituent assembly looked at

Published the:  07/04/2011

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April 7, 2011 – TAP  - "The overall direction of the Higher Authority for the Achievement of the Revolution Objectives, Political Reform and Democratic Transition has singled out the adoption of the proportional system for the National Constituent Assembly's election, in addition to some amendments that meet the Revolution objectives, with a view to eradicating disparities between regions," said, on Thursday morning, Chairman of Authority Yadh Ben Achour, during the examination of the draft decree-law related to the election.
The best voting system, he explained, is the one that guarantees representation of all Tunisian regions, without exception, reminding that voting on this electoral decree-law is set for next Monday.
On this occasion, Mr. Chafik Sarsar, member of the Authority and public law expert, made a briefing on the best voting systems, reviewing in this connection the pros and cons of proportional representation.
The recommendations which the Authority came to, he said, revolve around the number of National Constituent Assembly members and the number of seats to be accorded to each constituency, on the basis of one representative for every 60,000 inhabitants.
He added that the number of governorates is to be adopted as the basis for the division into constituencies, except for Tunis and Sfax which are to be granted two constituencies each; with a minimum of four seats for each governorate, no matter the size of its population.
The Authority, he went on saying, has also granted an additional seat to the governorates whose population ranges between 200,000 and 300,000 inhabitants, such as Kasserine, Sidi Bouzid, El Kef, Jendouba and Siliana, provided that the candidates in the electoral constituency are from different delegations.
For Mr. Ayachi Hammami, member of the Authority's Council, justice dictates that all parties and national sensitivities be represented in the drafting of the new Constitution.
He pointed out that the Authority is presently confronted with some structural hardships which, he argued, are much more preferable to disappointment and paralysis under the former regime.
For his par, Mr. Adnane Moncer, member of the Authority, said that any voting system has positive and negative sides, specifying that the Constituent Assembly, which is to be elected on July 24, could keep some articles from the old constitution.