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FM receives two members from AU Group of Wise Persons

Published the:  11/04/2011

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April 11, 2011 - TAP - Foreign Minister Mohamed Mouldi Kéfi received, on Monday in Tunis, a two-envoy delegation from the African Union (AU)'s Group of Wise Persons, led by Mr. Miguel Trovoada, former President of Sao Tome and Principe.
At the end of the meeting, Mr. Trovoada said that the AU Group of Wise Persons are visiting to Tunisia on behalf of the Chairman of the AU Commission and of the Commissioner for Peace and Security.
"This visit to Tunisia is a token of AU's support to and solidarity with the democratic process Tunisia is going through. We are striving to combine efforts to back up the Revolution and the Caretaker Government. It is also meant to help Tunisian people carry out successfully this process," he added.
"Moreover, the AU is ready to accompany Tunisia's efforts aiming at creating the structures and laying the foundations of democracy, and of development in general», Mr. Trovoada also said.
During the meeting, Mr. Kéfi pointed out that Tunisia is forging ahead on the path of success of democratic process.
The election of the Constituent Assembly is, he said, a crucial stage in building the country's political future".
Tunisia grants major importance to the joint African action and is keen on supporting AU's efforts aimed to establish peace and promote the continent's development in ways that meet peoples' aspirations", the Foreign Minister stressed.