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Lech Walesa to visit Tunisia on April 28-30 to back up democratic transition

Published the:  13/04/2011

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April 13, 2011 - TAP - The historic leader of the Polish trade union "Solidarity" and Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa will visit Tunisia on April 28-30 "to back up democratic transition in this country," the Polish Foreign Affairs Ministry said on Wednesday.
"The purpose of this trip is to share with the Tunisian civil society the Polish experience of transition from dictatorship to a democratic system," the Ministry spokesman told AFP.
"Who other than Lech Walesa can better share this experience. He is the icon of the Polish change, he is the man who actually lived through the democratic process, as founder and leader of the "Solidarity" trade union, then as the President of democratic Poland," he said.
Mr. Walesa will attend the Forum of Tunisian magazine "Réalités" to be held on 27-29 April, 2011 in Hammamet on the theme of "The Tunisian Revolution and the Stakes of Democratic Transition: Role of Civil Society".
According to AFP, the former Polish President will be accompanied by Deputy Foreign Minister Krzysztof Stanowski.