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Tunisia climbs four positions up in WEF ranking

Published the:  15/04/2011

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April 15, 2011 - TAP - Tunisia climbed four positions up in the ranking of the Global Information Technology  Report released on April 12 by the World Economic Forum (WEF).
Tunisia was ranked 35th globally out of 138 countries.
It preserved its 1st rank in Africa and 5th in the Arab world preceded by the UAE (24), Qatar (25), Bahrain (30) and Saudi Arabia (33).
Sweden and Singapore continue to top the ranking of the WEF Report, which confirms the leading position of the Nordic countries and the Asian Tigers in the adoption and implementation of ICT for increased growth and development of their economies.
This 10th edition of the report focuses on the ability of ICT to transform societies in the next decades, thanks to their potential for modernisation and innovation.
"Innovation and new technologies have proved a vital instrument for long-term growth, with countless social and economic benefits, including the ability to significantly improve the lives of people around the world...countries fully integrating the new technologies and using them to renew their strategies for development and growth, lay the groundwork for their future competitiveness and resilience of their economy," said Alan Marcus, Senior Director and Head of ICT at the World Economic Forum.