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German deputy FM : Germany's assistance to Tunisia will meet its needs

Published the:  19/04/2011

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April 19, 2011 - TAP - Foreign Minister Mohamed Mouldi Kéfi Tuesday received German Deputy Foreign Minister Werner Hoyer.
At the end of the meeting, the latter reaffirmed Germany's support to the process of political transition Tunisia is living through after the Revolution.
"Tunisia is the source of the tectonic changes that happened in North Africa. It is a historical time for the country and Tunisia's people must forge ahead to make their development process a success," he said, adding that "Germany's assistance to Tunisia will meet its needs."
The German official will hold talks with some Interim Government ministers as well as with representatives of national institutions.
Additionally, the visiting official said he had discussed with the FM the situation in Libya, praising in particular the "strong support" provided by Tunisia's Government and people to refugees fleeing Libya.
Mr. Hoyer also expressed conviction that several opportunities were provided after the Revolution to establish new relationships between Northern and Southern Mediterranean countries.
As part of his visit, Mr. Hoyer will kick off the "Tunisia Vote", a project initiated by Berlin NGO "Media in Co-operation and Transition". According to the Centre of Information and Documentation on Germany, this project aims to "develop the skills of independent media ahead of the elections for the Constituent Assembly next July 24".
The project has the benefit of a 300 000 euro-subsidy (about 591 thousand dinars) granted by the German Foreign Ministry.