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Foreign Ministry calls on Libyan government forces to respect Tunisia's territorial integrity

Published the:  28/04/2011

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April 28, 2011 - TAP - Tunisia said, in a communiqué released on Thursday evening by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, that it is "following with deep concern the serious military escalation in the locality of Wazen, near the Dhehiba border crossing, on the Tunisian-Libyan border, as well as its consequences with shells falling in a populated area on the Tunisian territory", which, according to the communiqué, "is a violation of Tunisia's territorial integrity and detrimental to the security of citizens and the region".
The Foreign Ministry adds in its communiqué that "as a result of these serious developments, the Tunisian authorities made known to the Libyan authorities their deep concern and voiced their protest, asking them to take immediate steps to put an end to these violations".
They also urged the Libyan authorities to assume responsibility for the respect of integrity of the Tunisian territory and its forces stationed in the border area, and refrain from any act likely to put citizens and facilities on the Tunisian territory at risk.